Make it Mint!

We were lucky to have a visit from Hayley at Mint Plants earlier to month to catch up on all things house plants. We all know how beneficial plants can be for bringing a sense of calm to our interiors, but it can sometimes be tricky to keep them looking their best. Hayley shared her top three tips to ensure your house plants thrive:

Don’t overwater

Wait until the soil is completely dry before saturating the soil.

A sign you’re under watering

If some of the leaves on your plant are yellow, it’s usually the result of under watering. Trim these off with scissors and continue with a more regular watering schedule.

Say no to plant food

Hayley recommends avoiding supplements and suggests using rainwater or filtered water to help your plants thrive instead.

It’s fair to say the office is now looking like a jungle and we’re loving it. After our insightful discussion, we’re feeling much more confident and look forward to specifying more plants within our schemes.